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Kilburn Ogilvie Waymann Investment Management Ltd. (KOWIM) is licensed as a Portfolio Manager by provincial regulators. A Portfolio Manager is an ideal choice for someone who does not have the time, expertise, or inclination to manage their own investments. Portfolio Managers are paid on a flat fee basis relative to the size of the portfolio. Consequently, an investor can be confident that his or her investments are being managed without conflict of interest, and as efficiently as possible.

Traditionally one needed a minimum of $1,000,000 to enlist a Portfolio Manager's services. Technology has facilitated more efficient investment administration so that access to a Portfolio Manager is now available to a much wider segment of the population. As a result, the mutual fund industry evolved to allow the average investors to pool their assets together to collect enough capital to hire a Portfolio Manager. Although minimum investment requirements to deal directly with a Portfolio Manager (PM) vary, most PMs now have significantly lowered their requirements. KOWIM's minimum total assets under management is currently $200,000 per family.

Our Portfolio Manager's license, our expertise, and our contacts, enable us to create personalized portfolios for our clients through buying securities directly in the wholesale markets. For equity investing we generally buy Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) which are designed to track specific broad-based equity indexes. They provide excellent diversification and have minimal internal management fees. For bond investing we usually purchase specific bonds tailored to each client's unique needs. The end result is an efficient and personalized portfolio, containing whatever level of risk and diversification that a client may want. In addition, a Portfolio Manager can manage the timing of unrealized capital gains.

Not only is a Portfolio Manager an excellent way to have one's investments managed, it is very often less expensive, especially when compared to mutual funds. The average KOWIM client's fees are about 1/3 the fees charged by the average mutual fund for the same amount of money. Another way of looking at reduced fees of this magnitude is that investment returns increase by the amount of the reduction of fees. (KOWIM's Portfolio Management license also allows us to sell mutual funds should a client wish to purchase any. Occasionally it may be prudent for a new client to keep a previously purchased mutual fund until the redemption charges, if any, declined to a practical level.) Squeezing extra returns from your portfolio, without increasing risk is one of the two most important things that you can do for your investments. As you can see from the adjoining chart "Squeezing Extra Returns", an increase of 2% per year from your investments over 30 years results in about 75% more money to retire with. Based on an initial deposit of $100,000, a 2% per year increased return would provide about an extra $432,000 after 30 years.